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Thursday, December 15, 2011

What to do when you get your artwork home

You made a new purchase! Ever wonder what to do next? Here are a few tips of what to do when you get your art home.

  • Consider having a reputable gallery (like the Sandra Phillips Gallery) install the work.
  • Be aware of any special instructions from the artist. 
  • When transporting the art, cardboard and blankets can be key to keeping the work safe.
  • When choosing where to install the art, be aware of archival considerations: 
      • try to avoid hanging over a fireplace.
      • always protect it from heat and direct sunlight.
      • be careful with basements (flooding) and make sure to keep artwork at least 3 inches off the floor.
      • make sure the temperature and humidity is stable year around.
  • If you have an artist statement, you can attach it to the back of the painting.
  • Keep a file of information about the artist: include reviews and collect all of the books about the artist. It can be a fun point of interest to talk about with guests as well as valuable information for you. 
  •  Keep in touch with what the artist is doing. You can use "Google News Alerts." this is easy to use and will send you all of the latest information whenever it is available. Also stay on the Gallery and artist mailing list.
  • Most importantly ENJOY your new artwork!

                       picture from  finearttips.com   

  Anna Kaye's drawing installed by Sandra Phillips Gallery featured in HGTV home.

Do you have any questions about installing art? Leave a comment below and ask us about it! 

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