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Thursday, March 28, 2013

How does she sleep in front of all these people?

Over the weekend  MoMA visitors came upon Tilda Swinton sleeping in a glass box.  The performance art is called "The Maybe.”   MoMA spokesperson said  "The Maybe" is "a very unusual case" because the museum didn’t  actively publicize the attraction, which seems to be a key part of the performance.   "There is no published schedule for its appearance, no artist's statement released, no museum statement, no public profile or image issued," the statement regarding the exhibit says. "Those who find it chance upon it for themselves, live and in real - shared - time: now we see it, now we don't."     "The Maybe" will happen periodically through the end of 2013. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Logan Lecture DAM Contemporaries last night, Alfredo Jarr discussed and showed slides of his many intervention projects.  One in Skoghall, Sweden. was especially provocative!
Jaar was invited to Skoghall where he constructed a paper museum, organized a one-day exhibition, and then had the structure set on fire. The timing, temporarily, and duration of this project—as well as its denouncement—had a theatrical character.
“I was shocked to discover that a community could exist for thirty years without any visible cultural or exhibition space. How do you represent it the absence of this space for culture in an entire community? I found it hard to believe that people could live without it the intellectual and critical stimulus that visual art can provide^to question, to speculate, and to search. It blew my mind. I sought a spectacular way to deal with this lack. I created an exhibition space for twenty-four hours and then burned it!"

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Green Thinking is  part of our culture!

Check out artist  Carley Warren’s repurposed cedar fence post to create the remarkable sculpture “Staked Out”. 


And Stan Meyer’s luxurious woven tapestries  made from lowly tar paper! 

In the fashion world Stella  McCartney’s  biodegradable shoes that you can leave in the woods to decompose instead of trashing!  


Hooray for Hermes!  As a green alternative to cashmere, Hermes is using wool collected by nomads of Tibet when yaks  shed their shaggy winter fleece in spring!