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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Denver’s Sandra Phillips Gallery moving to Golden Triangle

The Sandra Phillips Gallery, a stalwart of the Sante Fe Arts District, has announced that it will move uptown. Starting in August, the gallery will be located in the Golden Triangle neighborhood, at 420 W. 12th St., near the intersection of Elati St.
The Phillips Gallery currently resides at 744 Santa Fe Drive. Headed up by its namesake, an art historian with deep connections to the region’s best painters, the gallery is among the most respected on the strip. The new location is just shy of one mile away.
The move is a loss for Santa Fe Drive and a gain for the . Culturally speaking, the area has grown by leaps and bounds with the recent opening of the Clyfford Still Museum and the new History Colorado Center. The neighborhood has come to be known as the museum district.
Phillips’ move there enhances the for-profit gallery scene, which already includes the respected William Havu Gallery, Walker Fine Art and Michelle Mosko Fine Art.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gallery moving forward but  slowly--Not a construction person in sight--again!  Grrrrrrr

A reminder to practice patience and deep breathing!

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