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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Carley Warren 
The Sandra Phillips Gallery is honored to respresent artist Carley Warren one of Colorado’s most esteemed  artists.   
Her intelligent and elegant work exudes stunning craftsmanship and sophistication.
Look for Carley in an upcoming exhibit at the gallery this spring.
   Genetically Modified Crop

Friday, February 1, 2013

Ashley Benton 

Sandra Phillips Gallery is very excited to be representing Ashley Benton, a painter from Paonia Colorado! Her work captures the essence, emotion and feeling of the subject. She was selected as one of Colorado's "Women of Influence." 

Camille Silveran, Curator of The Western Colorado of the Arts stated about Benton's paintings,  "The body of work flows in a liquid state.  You grasp them and then they slide through your fingers." 

he made him feel special 

"Making art is the attempt to make the fleeting more permanent knowing all the while it is not possible.Ashley Benton 

some things you should just let go

Visit the gallery to see her wonderful paintings in person!