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Thursday, February 16, 2012

ANDERSON RANCH, Snowmass Colorado

I spent the last month at Anderson Ranch Art Center (ARAC) in Snowmass Colorado.  ARAC brings in both renowned and emerging artists as well as professional educators from all over the US. My favorite part of being at the Ranch was the wonderful community that I was able to be a part of and learn from, and the incredible artists I was able to meet.

Paul Soldner Ceramic Studio
Maloof Wood Barn

Takashi Nakazato
While I was there, I had the honor to meet fourteenth generation potter and Japanese legend Takashi Nakazato. Takashi travels to Anderson Ranch twice a year. These videos and images below are from a demo he gave while at the Ranch. Here, he is making several large bowls, using Paul Soldner's old wheel.

During the demo Takashi's personality really came out as he joked, "I am usually shaking before a demo, but you are all women, so I am not nervous. Where are all the men?"

When asked what he thinks about when he throws he simply stated, "I don't think."

This is the method Takashi started using for trimming larger pieces. He trims the bowl with his wheel spinning opposite of the way he threw. 

Every year, Aspen has an ice sculpting competition and Anderson Ranch staff participate. Here they are creating their masterpiece~right before finding out that they won the competition!!

One of the visiting critiques was ceramic artist Andy Brayman. While he was in Aspen and Snowmass he had a show with Jason Green at the Harvey Meadows Gallery. 

Anderson ranch is an unforgettable experience. The workshops are top quality and the instructors and staff are very knowledgable. Anderson Ranch should be a priority to any artist because it provides the opportunity to grow, for both emerging and established artists.

~ Lisa